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Godly Security Agency Applicants

At Godly Security Agency, we recognize the dedicated individuals who choose to join our ranks. We firmly believe that you are not just a name or a number; you are an essential part of our mission to provide unwavering protection and security services.

Step 1: Application Submission

All prospective applicants are required to submit their application inquiry below. From there, our team will provide you with the next steps for submitting your application in person.

Step 2: Document Submission

Upon successful application submission, your information will be forwarded to our recruitment and administrative services division. To proceed, candidates must provide all necessary supporting documents, including D and G licenses, security or law enforcement certificates, a high school diploma or GED, and a local background check from your nearest law enforcement agency or substation. Failure to submit these documents within 5 days will result in the application being moved to the "Not Qualified" section.

Once submitted, the initial background check process begins, and you will be contacted for a preliminary interview pending the completion of your background check.

Step 3: Interviews

  • Interview #1: Please dress accordingly.
  • Interview #2: The Field Operations Division Command staff will conduct final interview

Step 4: Orientation

All new hires are required to attend our orientation sessions, held every week at our headquarters from 1700 to 1900 hours. This orientation introduces our policies and procedures, officially welcoming you to our agency. During orientation, all personnel pledge to uphold our rules, follow company policies, and adhere to state laws. New hires should come prepared wearing a black crew neck t-shirt, solid black sneakers or boots, and a full-duty belt(G officers only). Handguns should be brought for inspection but not worn during orientation. Please bring all necessary equipment, including your duty belt, for initial inspection.

During orientation, officers receive their company Issued ID card, and human resource paperwork is completed.

Upon hiring, officers are granted access to all our electronic reporting software, enabling them to complete property reports via mobile devices and access to Connecteam.

Step 5: Inspection

Before being assigned to field duties, a uniform supervisor conducts a thorough inspection.

Step 6: Schedule Assignment with Field Training Officer/Sergeant

Step 7: Field Training Officer (FTO) Program

All new hires undergo a 24-hour FTO program (on the job Training)

Step 8: Exam and Solo Presentation (Before Entering Field Solo)

All new hires undergo a 24-hour FTO program (on the job Training)

All new hires undergo a comprehensive 32-hour FTO program and are assigned an FTO to mentor them.

Step 9: Field Training Officer (FTO) Program

Step 10: FTO Exam and Solo Presentation

Regular Pay:

All personnel receive bi-weekly pay, aligning with our current payroll cycle. Pay is dependent on experience, rank and remains consistent regardless of the site worked.

Holiday Pay:

We offer time in half for all federal holidays.

Direct Deposit:

After Successful 30 days of employment, we provide the option for direct deposit.


All personnel must complete a 24-hour Field Training Officer (FTO) program with a senior officer/supervisor. New officers will be under watch for an additional 30 days for observation and correcting of any issue. We also do continued training and education monthly for all officers and staff.


G officers are provided with a take-home two-way radio and body cameras for all qualified G-licensed officers. Uniform shirts (2) and company-issued IDs are also provided. However, officers are responsible for their non-lethal/lethal equipment, including bullets, nylon handcuffs, a 21-inch ASP baton, OC spray, Level IIl ballistic vests, and duty firearms(Automatic).


  • 30 Days: Officers receive an evaluation from their Sergeant after the first 30 days.
  • 60 Days: Evaluation with the Command Staff and an exam is issued within this period, including a uniform inspection / appearance.(CPR also REQUIRED by this time)
  • 90 Days: All employees will do a 1 day work in the Field with a Command Staff Officer.
  • 180 Days: All employees undergo a 180-day probationary period and cannot take leave during this time. (Unless prior engagement was made prior to onboarding)

6 months - One Year:

After 90 days with the agency, eligible full-time employees can apply for specialized positions such as Godly Security Response Team GSRT(G License Only), K9 Handler(G License Only), DI-Instructor, School Response Officer(SRO) (G License Only)and Executive Protective Officer (EPO) (G License Only). Supervisory positions, including Sergeant (SGT) and Lieutenant (LT), become available after 6 months to 1 year of employment.

One Year:

All officers who complete one year of service with us will receive a one-year pin.

Paid Time Off (PTO):

Full-time employees are eligible for PTO (24hrs), which can be cashed in at the end of the anniversary year if unused. A doctor's note is required for sick leave.

Paid Vacation:

All Full-Time personnel become eligible for a (24hr) paid vacation after one calendar year of service.

Specialized Assignments:

After 90 days of employment, officers can be considered for specialized assignments such as GSRT, K9 Handler, DI-Instructor, School Response Officer(SRO), and Executive Protective Officer (EPO). Godly Security Agency covers the costs of K9 care and may assign a dedicated and specially outfitted patrol vehicle for duty use.

Separation Process:

Officers who fail to meet their probationary period, resign, or are terminated will be compensated at Federal Minimum Wage. Compensation will be mailed to the last known address. Officers are required to return company-issued equipment and uniform within (72hrs) promptly and in clean condition and sign separation paperwork.

Please note that all officers will sign a new employee/contractor contract each time they receive a promotion or pay change.


After completing the form, a member of our team will contact you regarding availability and next steps.