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At Godly Security Agency, we understand the critical importance of safeguarding your construction sites from potential threats. Too often, construction companies face significant losses due to theft, with over 70% of incidents originating from within the project crews. Our mission is to put an end to these losses and provide you with unparalleled construction site security services across Jacksonville, FL, to Orlando, FL.

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With the increasing risks of theft, vandalism, and trespassing, ensuring robust security measures at construction sites has become paramount. Godly Security Agency, a trusted security company, specializes in providing top-notch security guard services to construction sites. Safe guard your site today with Florida's best security guard company.

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The Rising Challenge: Construction Equipment Theft

Construction equipment theft is an unfortunate reality, often exacerbated by theft from within project crews. Contractors picking up materials from the site and leaving with them on their trailers can result in substantial financial losses for the contracting company. To combat this issue, General Contractors turn to Godly Security Agency to secure their premises, especially during vacant periods.

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Godly Security Agency - Your Shield of Protection

With a formidable authority presence, Godly Security Agency has consistently demonstrated its ability to deter and prevent criminals from engaging in theft and juvenile vandalism. Our approach is built on trust, honor, and a decade-long commitment to the same clients who have placed their faith in our expertise.

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Building Trust Through Vigilance and Proactive Measures

Our dedication to security excellence is evident in the meticulous execution of measures to maximize security and deter potential incidents. On-site guards ensure strict adherence to guidelines established between the Construction Company and Godly Security Agency.

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A Team you Can Rely On

Godly Security Agency achieves the pinnacle of quality control through rigorous screening, hiring policies, and ongoing training programs. Our personnel undergo thorough background checks, drug testing, and comply with current state requirements for training and licensing. Classroom instruction covers general orders, site-specific post orders, operational and emergency procedures, use of security equipment, defensive tactics, and interpersonal skills.

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 Service Area: Jacksonville, FL, to Orlando, FL

Godly Security Agency operates seamlessly across the region, offering comprehensive construction site security services tailored to your specific needs.

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Always at Your Service - 24/7 Management Support

Our commitment to your security extends beyond working hours. The Godly Security Agency management team is available 24/7 to address any client needs promptly.

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Don't let theft and vandalism compromise your construction project. Partner with Godly Security Agency for reliable, trustworthy, and effective security solutions. Contact us now to discuss your specific requirements and secure your construction site with the utmost confidence.

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"As the Security Manager for a condominium community in Jacksonville Florida, I've needed to use Godly several times. They have always sent me quality Officers. They've saved us from being unprotected on numerous occasions. Thank you Godly Security!"

- Kyle N.



"Thank you for providing security at my event. Chief Parker and his team made sure we were safe doing our Christmas party. I will recommend anyone to call them for your security needs."

- Tia N.



"Dependent, reliable, and courteous! THIS IS THE ONLY SECURITY COMPANY I USE FOR ALL OF MY EVENTS!"

- Supa Dave H.