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About Our Crime Prevention Services

We're a trusted Crime Prevention Service serving Florida from Jacksonville to Orlando


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  • Community

  • Church Functions

  • Summer Camps

  • Youth Education Programs

  • Adult Education Programs

  • Property Threat Assessments

  • Loss Prevention

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What our customers are saying



"As the Security Manager for a condominium community in Jacksonville Florida, I've needed to use Godly several times. They have always sent me quality Officers. They've saved us from being unprotected on numerous occasions. Thank you Godly Security!"

- Kyle N.

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"Thank you for providing security at my event. Chief Parker and his team made sure we were safe doing our Christmas party. I will recommend anyone to call them for your security needs."

- Tia N.



"Dependent, reliable, and courteous! THIS IS THE ONLY SECURITY COMPANY I USE FOR ALL OF MY EVENTS!"

- Supa Dave H.


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